World Camels’ Day Gift Pictures From Chilie

As you all know, 22nd June is world camels’ day. I have asked from my camel colleagues all over the world to send their success stories regarding camels, events, picture etc. I have received pictures from Cecilia Norambuena from Chile. The pictures are about the landscape where the South American Camelids inhibit and also the camelids itself.


Here is what she wrote regarding the pictures she shot. “In temuco city, south of Chile, near to vulcanos, forestry and lakes (araucania region of Chile). Desserts are at north of our country. We need at least 6 days to visit the places where camelids live. Look at the pictures that i topk today”.

Alpaca..jpgThe camelids are shy and alert animals. They are very special and beautiful.


The lucky and happy camelids in their habitat. Blessed with beauty, the unique habitat.

Alpaca from Chillie

The beautiful camelids are going back to their pavilion.

Any body from any part of the world can share his/er stories, either pictures, stories or success report. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon…


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