Regional Believes About the Usage of Camels’ Milk

Sind Desi camels of rural Sind, potential dairy animal

While searching around in the google and my long contacts with the camel people, I came to compile this small table to document the usage of camel milk for different health aspects. I would like if any one would like to add their perspectives regarding the precious camel milk.

Picture provided by Mukarab Khan from Sind camel Fair,,Sakrai breed
No. Type of community Use for
1 Arab Bedouins Hepatitis, Aphrodisiac, Anti-aging
2 Afghan Nomadis/Kochis Arthritis, Long bone pain (badi dard), strong bones
3 Baloch of Balochistan Good eye sight, anti-aging, strong bodycropped-dsc003151.jpg
South Asian (deserts) Diabetes, good eye sight, liver disease and arthritis, jaundice and piles
4 Kazak, Russians, Mongols and Uyghur To halt weakness and emaciation among kids and other groups, to keep body strong and alert, kidney diseases
5 Iranian Pastoralists Strength, arthritis, hepatitis
6 Pastoralists of Horn of Africa Diabetes, liver diseases, keeping good eye sight, strength of the body and CHD
7 Central and West Africa AIDS, viral diseases, hepatitis, anti-weakness
8 North Africa Arthritis, viral diseases, hepatitis, spleen diseases, weakness,
9 Industrialized countries Autism, aphrodisiac, arthritis

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