Patient Report: Autism Spectrum Disorder Treated With Camel Milk

Here is the story/article of Christina Adam, mother of an Autistic child in USA. She share her experience treating her kid with camel milk. Her kid cured. An interested story.


This patient report is about my son, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at 3 years of age, and the effects I observed when he began drinking camel milk daily. Beginning at age 9, he drank one half cup of raw camel milk a day and experienced overnight an improvement in his symptoms. His continued regular consumption of camel milk was associated with sustained symptom improvements for 6 consecutive years (2007-2013). This patient report is a road map of my navigations, consultations with experts and autism care providers, and the apparent effect of camel milk on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Key Words: Camel milk, autism spectrum disorder, patient report

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