My Camel Story and World Camel Day (22 June)

A series of camel stories from different regions of the world

It is my own camel story when I was sick and unable to walk or even move happily. Camel has been part and parcel of my life. Seeing camel caravans, moving Afghan nomads and salts traders made a strong picture of a camel in my mind. A decade earlier severe arthritis (Rheumatoid Arthritis) almost killed me and I was unable to move from the bed. An old wise man advised me to move to the camel breeding area and take fresh camel milk regularly. I started my new life while obeying the advice and reached the Suleiman Mountainous Region of Balochistan (the camel heartland). I lived with the camel people, enjoyed their company, learned a lot about camels, and took camel milk regularly. I established a viewpoint that camel milk is a natural pharmacy not just white fluid milk. I recovered soon and in a short time and started climbing mountains.

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Sindhi camel has great potential for milk

I forgot the pain in my joints and started feeling a very energetic and happy person in a short period. I returned to normal life and decided to further explore the camel and its unique products, especially the milk. I joined the university and completed my Ph.D. (2009) work on camel milk production ability and pattern of lactation of the mobile camel herds.

Author with the camels’ Pastoralists in Cholistan desert of Pakistan

Riding a horse in Almaty Kazakhstan and guiding the camels.

My Ph.D. work on Camels

Documenting the lactation curve of the mobile camel herd was the first of its kind study in the camel world. I knew the results of my research that the camel is really an amazing animal and produces precious milk in the hottest and harshest period of time when other animals can hardly survive. A dent in the lactation curve can hardly be noticed even in the hottest and feed shortage period of the year. Along with the beauty of camel milk and other products, I found the camel pastoralists very loving, caring, and hospitable people. I felt at home while roaming with them in the countryside away from my family. I felt so close the nature and natural people. I am once again thankful for my camel pastoralists, those who always offered me warm hospitality and support in situations where I was almost broken. 

I started having great feelings about the camel and thinking about its worth as a natural healer in all aspects. Even living close to the camel gives me a sense of care and protection. In a sadness, on the other hand, I felt in the society that the policymakers and people in the cities are unaware of the true worth of the camel. I felt that information and awareness about camels are very scarce. I approached my friends and colleagues and suggested the concept of world camel day. Ultimately we agreed on a world camel day on the eve of the hottest period of time of the year. A camel day on 22 June was declared world camel day. We are celebrating this day since 2009.

This year I decided to write my story and ask other colleagues to share their stories with the camel. Again world camel day is approaching but this time it is in the month of Ramadan. I am also away from my country and my beloved camel people. I appeal to you all to spread awareness about the camel that day and tell the world about the importance of the camel. Such awareness will be a great way to celebrate camel day. I am looking forward to having the stories of the other colleagues soon before world camel day. I shall publish it on my blog page.

Below is the link regarding world camel days.


I need your camel kindness and support

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  1. Just Great ! while reading your blog what sadden me deeply is a patron of ignorance that found with every indigenous heritage. We don’t have a national botanical survey and Garden. We just don’t know what is extincted or engendered. We are ignorant about diversification of agriculture as well. Raring Camel herds is also agriculture.

    1. Dear Qamar Mehdi,
      Hope you are fine and well. Thanks very much for your support and appreciation. I really need moral support from the people like you. Pakistan and its adjoining areas are the hotspot for the precious biodiversity of our mother earth.
      My best regards

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