The Camels’ Terminologies Need to be Revised

The world terminology in Wikipedia is written as;

Terminology is the study of terms and their use. Terms are words and compound words or multi-word expressions that in specific contexts are given specific meanings.

The camel terminology is mainly derived from a cow/cattle production system in English, which is a wrong approach. I’m giving you food for thought to reconsider and re-establish camel’s terminology. As the camel was domesticated, evolved, and managed for centuries in Arabian Peninsula, the best terminology will be the one used in that region.roadtrip0501_8_base

As an example, I hereby give some terms which I learned here in the region and some are found in the literature. I’m lucky to live in the specific area (Hilli Alqatara in Alain) where the camel was domesticated. I can say, I’m living in the cradle of camels’ domestication. The Ice Cream Species of Plants for the Camel and Goat, the camel ice cream food is found in the region. Al Ain National Museum Explores the History of Domesticated Camels. The analysis of bones found on dig sites across the country indicated that camels were tamed and domesticated no earlier than 1000 BC. 

Raigi camel in Kakar Khurasan region of Northern Balochistan
No.Status of the camelName in Original habitat
1Camel is not a cow… the best word for milking camelNAQA
2Camel male kid is not a calf BUT aQaood
3Camel Female calf is not a heifer but aBakra
4The breeding male is not a bull but aBaeer
Different terminologies for the camels of different ages and sex

Way forward

This area of camel husbandry really needs revision for the establishment of appropriate terminology. It needs to reestablish the terminology with the participation of more wise minds. I’m really looking forward to hearing in this regard.


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      Thanks for your support and appreciation. Pakistan is the cradle of precious livestock breeds and camel is the unique and incredible one. I appreciate your point of view and your brilliant idea about a camel production unit/farm near Lahore. For the breed of camel, I would suggest you Brela breed for Lahore rather than Kharani. Brela breed is found from Jhang to Bahawalpur region and is excellent milk producer in the region of yours. Also, its availability is easy, region is accessible and transportation is simple. I can help you in finding a high yielding Brela camel for you. You can contact me via my email directly as;

  1. Great Job. Keep it up. You are spreading awareness about the preservation of bio-diversity and at the same time promoting sustainable living model for poorest people. I am interested in setting up a small scale camel farm of kharani camels in Lahore, so that people can take advantage of this extreme animal, which is one of the biggest blessings of God for the mankind.. In the most arid and resource-less lands this animal is a food factory. How can much does a good kharani camel(milking cow) cost?i want to start a breeding and awareness program by setting up this farm..

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