Camels’ Milk Miracle for Autistic Patients~A letter from Ram Prasad (India)

Dear Razir Sir,
Thanks a lot for your kind hearted help, which made me, what seems to be an impossible to achieve considering the place where am living. Getting a camel milk to the Southern part of India, Chennai from scorching Rajasthan, is a mighty task. Thanks, Raziq sir, for providing me all possible inputs and continuous guidance. Am thanking Christina Adams who is the one first I contacted and, Hanwant singh Rathore and Ilse too for helping me supplying the camel milk, in a neatly packed way, so that milk does not get decompose. There are many significant changes in my kid after he starts taking camel milk. Currently, he is taking pasteurized milk of 700 ml+ daily and following are the improvements which we achieved.

1) His unnecessary irritation has gone.
2) His patience to wait for anything has increased considerably.
3) His eye contact improved.
4) His sleeping pattern has been streamlined and now he is having sound sleep daily.
5) His liver inflammatory has gone, resulting in good sleep, gained weight.
6) Now he is understanding small and simple commands.

Dr Raziq taking camel milk from the Cholistani herd in Bahawalpur

In between, we went to Punjab, India and got chance to get raw camel milk for a period of month time and that made a big difference in his eye contact. Am spreading awareness about benefits of camel milk across the autistic parents here and giving them the milk from my stock. am helping my colleague’s relation, who is having Alzheimer to take camel milk daily, which is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. Now he is doing really well and he uses to walk with others help, but now he can able to walk on his own. Next time, we are planning to get Raw milk henceforth and to feed everyone, who is having the problem, for which camel milk is the solution 🙂 . Am started just with a dot, people like Christina Adams, Abul Raziq Kakar, Hanwant singh Rathore, Ilse, made it as an excellent art altogether. Someway, there should be a relation between us all in some form, which is binding us now and happy to have such contacts, which is contributing something to the needy ones.

A Healthy and Beautiful Udder of Brela Camel of Cholistan Desert 
Thanks & Regards,
“Time is a good doctor, but not a good beautician”


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    1. Yes it is , Iam giving raw camel milk to my daughter from last one and half months and noticed a lot of positive changes

      1. Is your daughter Autistic patient? There is very strong group on facebook as ‘Healing with Camel Milk’. It will be a great forum for people like you.

  1. Krishna kumar

    we are from chennai. We are exploring options of sourcing camel milk in chennai. Our son is 5 1/2yrs of age ad has autistic issues. Have heard about camel milk but sourcing that in chennai is a big issue. Can you please help?
    my email id is

    Thank you in advance.


    1. Dear CKrishna Kumar,Please let me know how I can help you. I’m working with the camel unit of Alain dairy in UAE. We have powder camel milk, we have camel ice cream and other camel milk’s products. I think you can import camel milk powder easily.
      Also you can manage fresh camel milk from Rajasthan India. I can connect you to both Alain dairy in UAE and Rajasthan camel people in India. Please choose what is good for you.

      Best regards

      1. Assallam allaikum Raziq Sab , what is the cost of one kg camel milk powder ,but Alain dairy is using spray dry method in which the nutrients about 70% gets evaporated, and to compensate it they add the nutrients which is then harmful this was told by the camel institute in Bikaner Rajasthan

      2. To know and understand better, I hereby copy the email replied to Ram Prasath by Nancy of Tviski camel dairy. Below is the email;
        Dear Mr RamPrasath,

        You raise an essential question, which has been discussed repeatedly in the Facebook Group of parents using camel milk for ASD. There are two aspects to this issue :

        1) The first is the argument about whether camel milk must absolutely be raw for it to have any (or useful) effect on autism. This view is held very strongly by Dr. Reuven Yagil, who was the first to discover the impact of camel milk on autism. The problem with raw milk is that it is OK in the US to drink raw milk from pristine farms, but in India or generally in most countries raw milk is potentially hazardous, particularly for children with an impaired immune system, which is the essence of autism. Therefore it would be far preferable to be able to use heat-treated milk – besides the logistical problem of getting the milk from farm to home.

        Besides, the sort of prices charged in the US and in Europe (over $20 a litre) for frozen courier-delivered raw milk are totally out of the question in poor countries, where raw milk costs $1 a litre or less. Pasteurised milk is sold in normal retail corner-shop groceries in Mauritania in nice cartons at about $1.7 a litre, a reasonable price.

        However, it is impossible to obtain any indication of which component(s) of camel milk are beneficial, and hence impossible to test whether pasteurisation or other heating impairs the integrity of that or those component(s). If anyone knows, they aren’t telling, or maybe they really don’t know. The original hypothesis, that casein is the culprit in autism and that camel milk helps because it has no beta or kappa casein or whatever, doesn’t hold enough water, because if it were the case eliminating cow milk from the diet would suffice. Camel milk positively contains something that gives the brain something lacking, and it just might be somewhere in the fatty acids, or maybe in the fatty globule membranes. This is an avenue of research that scientists would do very well to follow, as it would have incalculable benefits for humankind.

        Some research scientists (or at least people claiming to be experts) apparently, from what one can gather from various statements to the effect that pasteurisation kills everything in milk, seem not to be quite sure about the difference between pasteurisation and sterilisation. However, Uli Wernery & al. in Dubai – who do know – have published useful research on the impact of pasteurisation on various components in camel milk. All this needs to be continued, extended and published. It is not something that should be kept private.

        The first simple research is to get a group of autistic people and carry out carefully controlled blind tests to assess the effect of raw and pasteurised milk on different symptoms. The biggest and quickest effect parents report seems to be on verbal and communication abilities. That can be done in places where there is raw and pasteurised camel milk, i.e. in Dubai, Mauritania and now in the US.

        It would be useful also to find out whether there is any difference between the effects of camel milk from camels in farms, eating corn or whatever, and camels browsing freely in the desert – or in US wilderness.

        2) The technical issue of heat treatment is well known. There are three ways to extend milk shelf life : pasteurisation, sterilisation, and powder.

        Pasteurisation has been done successfully in Mauritania since 1989, processing milk from free-range camels belonging to local herders. Properly pasteurised milk kept in a cold chain lasts at least a week, and about 14 days in a really good fridge. It tastes good, and I suspect may be 80% as effective as raw (cf.1). A study was carried out in 2008 in Rajasthan of the commercial potential of camel milk there, showing that it is feasible but needs to be developed as a business.

        Sterilisation has been attempted by Tiviski, and the real-life industrial tests confirmed that camel milk is destabilised by UHT temperatures. The milk separates and really doesn’t taste fantastic. Proteins and fatty acids may be severely denatured, so it is not an option for autism – or for anything else at this point. In-depth research was conducted in a highly specialised French lab to find the causes, and it is all well known. Various suggestions to stabilise the milk did not work. It was very important for us because milk deliveries are extremely seasonal, causing big problems for the dairy and for the herders too.

        Powder is an interesting option. There is freeze-dried powder and spray powder. Freeze-dried is mostly done in very small quantities, being more of a lab procedure, work-intensive and expensive. I wonder whether the freezing destroys all germs and spores. Spray-drying is interesting as it can be only heated to 80°C, equivalent to pasteurisation, although it may be a bit more intense because it goes through this temperature three times. Powder is now being made and sold in Holland and in Dubai, and some parents use it and report good results. The only problem is that the smallest equipment costs more than $1 million.

        THESE are the issues scientists should be working on around the world, collaborating and not scattered. If enough convincing results can be found, camel milk will become a commercially interesting product and there will be money for research, business interest, and lots of benefits for autistic, diabetic and other patients everywhere, and of course immense benefits for camel herders who will be able to sell lots of milk and thrive. This is what I have repeated somewhat boringly for years, maybe wonderful people like Christina Adams and yourselves can make a difference.

        Best regards

        Nancy Abeiderrahmane

      3. Dear Abdul Hassan, You please directly contact Alain dairy camel marketing department to tell you the processing and nutrients status of powder milk along with the per kg price.
        I’m sending you the email of Kingston Fernandez as;
        Best regards

    1. Salam sir. How can we get Camel raw milk in pakistan.kindly tell me all cites of pak if u know thanks,and also tell us raw milk is not good for kids.

      1. huma saddique

        Salam thanks, live in Karachi
        Pls tell us required quantity of milk per day for age of 6 years old autistic child.thanks

  2. Hi Abdul,

    Shall i get the camel milk in chennai. Since my daughter is 5 years old and she is autistic. Could u please send me an email. Even from dubai my relative is coming to chennai. If you can help me to buy in dubai. I am happy to buy.

    Email :

  3. Hi I need this camel milk in chennai. One of my relative is coming from dubai. Can i get the camel milk from dubai. So I can give to my 5 year old autistic daughter.

    1. Hi Satish,
      I’m really saddened hearing about the ill health of your kid. I pray for his good health. I’m not in Dubai but Aalain, another city. He can buy easily from a mall in Dubai

      Best regards

      1. Hii Sir,
        I wounder if the camel milk made as in capsul /pill or sweet like horlick sweet since it is made in powder. Tq

      2. Hi Dani,
        The camel milk is available in powder form. I do not know about the capsule or pill etc. Yes, camel milk ice cream is an attraction for the kids as well as the the other groups.

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  6. Madhavi kushwaha

    Hello sir
    I m from korba chattisgarh .india.
    How can I get camel raw milk here..
    And pls help me regarding which one is beneficial either in powder form or directly raw milk.

    1. Welcome Khshawaha,
      You can get camel milk (frozen) from Rajastan, the contact emails is here. ( )
      Fresh milk is the best but the powder and frozen milk have the same quality almost.

    2. Fresh milk is better but the quality of frozen and powdered milk is also not compromised. Yes Kehkashan can help you in finding CM for you. Please keep in touch with Kehkashan.

      1. Deepak Raika camels milk

        Sir please send me your contact number my watsapp number 8690813939

    3. Deepak Raika camels milk

      Pure and fresh kaccha camel milk home delivery available here contact me 8690813939

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  8. salam Dr. My son who is 4 now having problem in speaking, but to get his ipad he will try his best to say any word otherwise- mummy. kakak-(means sister), daddy, milk and few other words. He was absolute normal child. very responsive until we gave him 3 types vaccination b4 left to umrah at the age of 2. Infact he scold Dr idiot when he gave him the jab. After 2 weeks , he is not responsive , doesn’t talk and attitude is so different. Can cow milk cure him?

    1. wkmsalam,
      I’m so sad hearing about your pain. I wish your son get well soon. I think the camel milk is the best but please also regular check with the Autism expert physician. I would suggest to starting camel milk about 100 ml a day (50, 50 ml dose) and then increase steadily. I wish you all the best

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  10. We are she-camel selling raw camel.milk fully organic in india..planning overseas as well.amyone need contact us my n cont.8809474649

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