Animal Fats are Safe…A Research Revealed Full Fat Milk is Better than Skimmed Milk Keeping Toddlers Thin and Strong

Are You Feeding Your Children the Right Kind of Milk?

What’s right may surprise you

Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine sifted data from the birth cohort of the well known Early Childhood Longitudinal Study to evaluate the relationships between type of milk consumed and weight status among preschool children. Their study examined records for 10,700 youngsters age two to four living in the U.S., expecting to find results that substantiated the thinking that kids who drank skim milk were thinner.

 But just the reverse was what they actually found. Their data showed that children drinking full-fat milk were thinner than those drinking reduced-fat milk.

“We were quite surprised,” said study co-author Dr. Mark DeBoer referring to the lower body mass index he and his team mates found in children drinking full-fat milk.Milk

The reasons?

  • Reduced-fat foods don’t reduce calorie intake. Eating reduced-fat foods is not as satisfying or filling, so people end up eating more.
  • Reduced-fat milk raises levels of triglycerides. When fat is reduced in the diet, consumption of high-glycemic index foods is increased, causing levels of triglycerides to become elevated.
  • When sugary flavored reduced-fat milk replaces full-fat milk, kids consume much more sugar, increasing their risk of diabetes.

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