A massive aquifer in North Kenya


Photo credit: Google

People cross from Somalia into Kenya at the Mandera border control

Kenya: Mandera Locals Drill Borehole, Find Aquifer

A massive aquifer has been discovered in Takaba subcounty of Mandera. An aquifer is an underground water reservoir.

Farming in Mandera - http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Y8csdOkCWVg/maxresdefault.jpg Farming in Mandera – http://i.ytimg.com/vi/Y8csdOkCWVg/maxresdefault.jpg

See also the VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Y8csdOkCWVg

The discovery was made when the Mandera county government drilled a borehole at Darwed. The borehole on the aquifer sits upon a massive aquifer and pumps clean water at a rate of 30,0000 cubic metres per hour. Previously, residents relied on the borehole at Wangeidhan,15km from Takaba town. The Wangeidhan borehole, which produces salty water, served nearly 50,000 residents.

One of the large earth dams in Takaba - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_toe57KgSI-c/Se1aY2hFGxI/AAAAAAAAAUw/2SsaZllLt-I/s320/IMG_5531.JPG One of the large earth dams in Takaba – http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_toe57KgSI-c/Se1aY2hFGxI/AAAAAAAAAUw/2SsaZllLt-I/s320/IMG_5531.JPG

Governor Ali Roba joined the residents in celebrating the new project. He said his government will pump clean water to the surrounding towns. “Water has always been scarce in Takaba. It is unbelievable that sweet water was within…

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Author: Dr Raziq

I’m PhD in Animal Agriculture, currently working as a Technical Manager at Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production, Camel dairying, Alain, UAE. I had performed as a Professor and Dean, at the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences Pakistan (LUAWMS). I work on and write for the subjects of ‘turning camel from a beast of burden to a sustainable farm animal’, agricultural research policies, extensive livestock production systems, food security under climate change context, and sustainable use of traditional genetic resources for food and agriculture. Iim advocating camel under the theme of CAMEL4LIFE and believe in camel potential. I’m the founder and head of the Society of Animal, Veterinary and Animal Scientists (SAVES), and Founder of the Camel Association of Pakistan. I also work as a freelance scientist working (currently member of steering committee) for Desert Net International (DNI). I’m an ethnoecologist, ethnobotanist, Ethnovet and ethomedicie researcher and reviewer. I explore deserts and grazing lands for knowledge and understanding.

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