Small Scale Farmers Deserve Large Share Of Climate Funds

Pastoralism and small scaled agricultural farming is really a great idea. Small scaled agricultural activities, especially pastoralism is the most eco-friendly and sustainable food production system and ensure food security in the climate change context. Their animal genetic resources not only well adapted to the calamities of the climate but continuously co-evolve according to the tune of the climate and consumer demand.

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Small-scale farmers deserve big share of climate funds: IFAD

Country: PERU
Author: Saleem Shaikh

Small-scale farmers deserve big share of climate funds: IFAD Photo: Kham
farmer tends to his water buffaloes on a rice paddy field in Cong Chua village, outside Hanoi September 10, 2014.
Photo: Kham

As important food producers, small-scale farmers in the developing world should get a significant share of funds raised to help poorer countries adapt to climate change impacts and curb emissions, agriculture officials said at U.N. climate negotiations in Peru.

Investment in easy-to-access weather information, extensions services, improved disaster preparedness, and other cost-effective and efficient new technology could help small-scale farmers keep feeding themselves and their families, they said.

Farmers “are more than victims of climate change impacts,” said Gernot Laganda, head of the environment and climate change division of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

“Our experience shows that the smallholder farmers are an integral part of the solution to global…

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