Camelait! Al Ain Camel Dairy Products

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Al Ain Camel dairy products, ice-cream and pasteurized milk

Camel milk is natural pharmacy and protect human body from many ailments, i.e. diabetes, cancer, hepatitis, rheumatism, ulcer, autism, arthritis and many other disease. The product is available in different quantity and with different level of fat contents along with the different flavors. Now camel milk powder and Ice-cream are also available.

Camel milk has emerged from centuries of obscurity to become known as a nutritional powerhouse and medical marvel. With the help of modern day science, new benefits are continually being discovered with evidence that supports the extraordinary powers this liquid has to offer – showing improvement in conditions ranging from autism to diabetes. It’s no surprise camel milk is now being heralded as liquid gold.


Al Ain Dairy has successfully maneuvered through uncharted territory with the development of Camelait brand premium camel milk ice cream. Handling the complex proteins of camel milk in the pasteurization process to produce ice cream was a major challenge that was overcome during the innovation process, it added.

The result is rich, luxurious ice cream available in 6 indulgent flavors – Date, Saffron, Cardamom, Chocolate, Carmel and Lite Raspberry Vanilla. This unique ice cream combines 100 per cent fresh camel milk ice cream with ripples of complimentary sauces and/or nut pieces that appeal to all tastes while also complimenting the traditional tastes of the Arabian region. All flavors are available in 125 ml and 1 litre tubs, it further stated.

Camel milk powder is a manufactured dairy product made by evaporating 100% natural fresh camel milk to dryness. 
Prior to procuring a spray drying unit, Al Ain Dairy performed trials of camel milk production with the spray drying technology at facilities of a world leader in spray dryer manufacturing in Denmark.
On trials, camel milk was subjected to both freeze drying and spray drying techniques for production of camel milk powder. As a result of these line trials, Al Ain Dairy determined the spray drying technology would best achieve efficient solubility on camel milk powder.jpg

As the first in the UAE, Al Ain Dairy erected a sophisticated spray drying plant to produce camel milk powder with advanced process design & development right from raw material reception, processing, evaporation, drying, powder handling, storage & packing technology.
Currently, Al Ain Dairy is one of only two firms in the world to produce camel milk powder.

The camel is unique and precious animal and producing a highly important, biological and Eco-friendly food items. The camels’ products are the outcome of the fair trade and the water and energy footprint is very green.  For more details about camel milk characteristics Please follow the links below.


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  1. It makes me sad when I see the young generation take energy drinks (chemically formulated) and other rubbish food but not prefer camel milk products. The health sensitive people in western countries prefer camel milk than other soft drink and consider CM as natural pharmacy. The prices of CM are very higher than cow milk in western countries. The one liter of camel milk worth more than 40 US dollar while in UAE it is only 3 US dollar.

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