Marrecha Camel~An all purpose camel of Cholistan, Pakistan

Dancing camel

Dancing of the Marrecha Camel of Pakistan.

The Cholistan desert is part of the ancient Hakra River civilization, one of the oldest of the Aryan settlers in the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the largest deserts in Pakistan, inhabited by around 1.2 million Rohi pastoral people practicing mobile livestock husbandry. This production system is extremely important for food security and conservation of livestock and landscape.

The camel is one of the important animal genetic resources and about 80,000 are found in the desert. The main tribe with camel herds is Marrecha. The desert pastoralists also raise goats, sheep and cattle breeds. The major camel breed is Marrecha following by Brela. The precious camel genetic resources are under threat due to commercial agricultural practices, land grabbing and faulty development projects.IMG-20160730-WA0023.jpg

The policies come from the top and pastoral peoples do not participate in formulating strategies for development. Hence the projects are not supported by local livestock keepers and always result in failure. There is an urgent need to save this pastoral livestock system, especially the camel breeds. It is suggested that niche marketing, value addition, ecotourism and participation of pastoral people in development policies may help achieve this goal. Organization of the livestock keepers in the region can be an efficient tool to halt land grabbing.

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  1. Camel is not only source of earning livelihood and food security but a main player in cultural and recreational goodwill of the camel pastoralists in its habitat. In Pakistan, camel is enjoyed for many recreational purposes but dancing is one of the most important and unique especially Marrecha camel paternalists are very fond of camel dancing. They think they Marrecha is one of the best among camel for training. They are obedient and humble and good in learning. Marrecha camel quickly learning dancing, riding/racing in desert and even working. This breed of camel is highly liked by the people of Cholistan and its adjoining areas. To read more about Marrecha camel and Cholistan please click the link below;

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