Tamarix forest in Lasbela district of Balochistan

Camel Peace Caravan for Conservation of Unique Tamarix Forest

Lasbela region of Balochistan

Tamarix Forest in Lasbela region
Tamarix is a highly adapted flora with halophytic and xerophytic value, sustaining livelihood in the region.

The Lasbela region is covered with more than 12% wide flora diversity, especially unique Tamarix and Jar species. The woodcutter brutally cut these precious forest trees and sell them at very cheaper rates in the nearby towns. Hence, deforestation is happening in a very speedy way. With an appealing thematic area, I am trying to divert woodcutter camel communities to use the camel as a touristic opportunity. From the main RCD road to the river of Kerri, there is a long camel route, now declared as a camel peace caravan. In this way, the camel woodcutters will divert from their hard job to the nice and easy job of the camel caravan. I hope, we can attract more and more people to enjoy this unique touristic opportunity.

How it was started?

As a starting point, I and other two colleagues from Lasbela University started the first Camel peace caravan from the campus to Kerri on 3rd May (2014) and came back the next day. All the pictures are already released on my Facebook page. The link is given above in the camel peace caravan.

Starting the camel peace caravan
Starting the camel peace caravan for the conservation of the Tamarix forest of the region

Camel is an integral part of Balochistan’s culture and heritage. Lasbela region of Balochistan is well known for its culture, heritage, and camels. Rich with a wide diversity of flora and fauna, Lasbela is the home tract of two camel breeds (cultural notion). Both breeds are briefly discussed in the ensuing lines.

a. Lassi; It is a pack animal, mostly used for wood and other types of transportation, especially use by woodcutters. The animal is also used for meat production. This camel is widely used for meat in the region. The demand for the male animal is quite high at the Islamic ritual of Eid Adha which is one of the main support for the conservation and development of this breed. As its role as a beast of burden is diminishing, the demand for its meat is the future hope for this precious breed. Lassi Breed of Camel In Balochistan

Lasi camel breed
Milking Camel of Lassi Breed in their true habitat

b. Bhirdi; The tribe of breed keepers and camel breed names are the same. This camel is usually used for riding in deserted ecosystems. It is a smart and unique animal and milk is a by-product used by pastoralists in the weather when others animals’ milk is ceased.

Bhirdi Camel Breed
Author riding race camel of Bhirdi breed

Camel is a vital part of the culture

Camel is still and will be an integral part of the Lai people’s culture. To advocate the role of the camel in its true habitat of Lasbela, this precious animal can be a very useful source of earnings for marginalized people. Otherwise, they will continue the process of deforestation which will be a great loss to the precious biodiversity of the hot spot of the coastal landscape of the country. Camel peace caravan is one of the important initiatives not only to halt deforestation but also to use this animal of peace for the further strengthening of peace and brotherhood in the region.

11 thoughts on “Camel Peace Caravan for Conservation of Unique Tamarix Forest”

  1. Dr Sb its great effort for conservation of natural forests. keep it up. I am also planning to visit that area after my kid’s exams. hopefully will get free by 31st May.

  2. D.V.Rangnekar

    Heartiest compliments Dr. Raziq for this innovative and very appropriate initiative – may the almighty help you take this forward and spread it around so as to create significant impact on the economy as well as ecology of the region.. Datta Rangnekar

    1. Dear Dr Rangnekar,
      Thank you very much for compliments. It gives me strength and more energy to work further. I am sure, camel can help in economy and sustainable ecology both. I shall need your moral support in camel development.

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  5. The Lasbela region is a hot spot of the precious biodiversity, Sindhi cattle breed, Bhirdi and Lasi camels, native sheep and goats breeds, Aseel chicken, and unique donkey breed naming Lasi. I have found heards of feral donkeys in the region. I tried my best to highlight the importance of the genetic resources, the state of situation, and ways to conserve and protect.

    1. Lasbela is the southern coastal region of Balochistan, Pakistan. There is a university LUAWMS, where I was taught some years before. The region is rich in biodiversity and farming cultures. It is near Karachi, a famous place in Pakistan.

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