World Donkey Day (May 8)

Today is World Donkey Day (WDD). Donkey is very neglected and cruelty is the common problem of this docile animal. WDD can help in awareness raising and reminding its importance at policy levels. Lets join our hands and work for the betterment of this nice animal.


The donkey is a very useful, important, and precious animal genetic resource for food and agriculture. Donkey plays a pivotal role in the livelihood earning of millions of people around the world. Donkey is widely used for pastoral movement, carting, agricultural operations, and recreation purposes. There is wide intra and in-breed diversity. Such diversity is based on habitat, purpose, selection, etc. Donkey is well adapted to all climatic conditions and ecosystems. It ranges from the cold temperate region, cold deserts, dry and hot deserts, plain lands, high Alps, and coastal ecosystems of the globe.

A beautiful Shingharri donkey in Mangrota festival Pakistan.

In some countries, the products, especially milk and meat of donkeys are also used. Milk is used as medicine among pastoral communities for the treatment of respiratory diseases for a long time. The meat products are used in many countries of the world and Salami is the famous dish of…

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