EU Forces Pesticides Ban—A Victory For Campaigners!

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An EU ban on pesticides believed to kill bees will mean “significant costs” for British farmers, the Government warned tonight.

Environment Minister Lord de Mauley issued the warning after the European Commission decided to go ahead with a two year ban on a type of pesticides called neonicotinoids in a bid to save bees.

Earlier EU countries had failed to reach agreement on a ban as some countries believe there is not enough evidence to justify it.

The UK, which was one of those opposing the ban, insists better scientific evidence is needed of the link between pesticides and a huge decline in the bee population before taking such action.

Environment Minister Lord de Mauley said in a statement: “Having a healthy bee population is a top priority for us but we did not support the proposal for a ban because our scientific evidence doesn’t support it.

“Significant countries agree…

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