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We hope you enjoyed our first issue ofLivestock Matter(s), a monthly round-up of livestock development news, publications, presentations, images and upcoming events from ILRI and its partners. Produced on the first of each month, this round-up highlights what you may have missed. You can download a print version – or sign up to get Livestock Matter(s) in your mailbox each month.

Corporate news

New ILRI livestock leadership in Asia

Steve Staal has been appointed ILRI’s new regional representative for East and Southeast Asia. Staal recently led ILRI’s Markets, Gender and Livelihoods Research Theme and in the past year served as ILRI’s interim deputy director general for research. An American citizen who has lived and worked in developing countries throughout his life, Staal will be based at the headquarters of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), in Los Baños, The Philippines.

The BecA-ILRI Hub: An African life science centre of…

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