Policy Level Initiatives are Needed for Camel Milk in Pakistan

Camels4Life…. Advocacy for camel keepers is the immense need of time. They should take on board while making policies for food and agriculture, especially about camels.camel for blog

When I started camel research in 2005, very little  information was available on the camel in Pakistan. Very few among the city dwellers were aware of the peculiarities of camel milk, especially milk. There we no information available as a separate entity on camel milk in government economic survey etc. Camel milk was considered as other milk than cow and buffalo.


The policy makers were completely blank about the camel and its role in Pakistan. I completed my research/thesis of Ph.D. on this unique animal and proved its value as a live animal, role of products and also role in culture and heritage. The camel is getting more and more importance. Pakistani camel is now well documented in breeds and their worth is well defined. Now there are many people who know about camel importance in the cities also. The camel herders already knew it since centuries. My article on a camel as unique and fascinating animal played a pivotal role in camel promotion.

Kohi Camel Caravan


Yesterday I visited a camel milk shop in Karachi. It was a great pleasure for me to see a shop with camel milk. The camel is the next superfood indeed and I’m glad that the general public awareness in this regard is increasing. I am so proud and confident of my voice as strong and loud. Superfood (Camel Milk) can Beat the Challenge of Superbug (Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics)

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  1. This AM on BBC Worldservice there was a spot on research being conducted with camel milk showing a positive relationship between its consumption and lower occurances of TB


  2. salut Diana
    je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre visite et pour le suivi,c’est très intéressant ce que vous écrivez.
    A+ j’espère!


  3. Assalam Alykum
    I can avail 100 ltrs. pure camel milk on daily basis but unfortunately don’t have any idea how to preserve it for some time. Hence can’t approach in Karachi or Islamabad. So if anybody interested to start business or Partnership and has the experience. Feel secure to conact me Insha Allah me Ghulam 03332958648


  4. Reblogged this on Camel, food security and climate change and commented:

    Camel milk powder and Ice cream will be soon available in the market as Al Ain dairy is launching these new camel products. Some one can import and convert it to liquid milk. Now camel milk is easy to find and use. Though the best product is the fresh milk produce in natural habitat of camel while browsing on natural fauna.


    • Vous êtes les bienvenus Mustapha . Le lait de chamelle fait vraiment la différence . La course de chameau fait également l’espace en Europe , notamment en France .


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