Value of Bicultural Protocols for the Concerened Communities

Value of Bicultural Protocols for the Concerened Communities

Biocultural community protocol (BCP) is the documentation of bio-assets, prodution systems, history, heritage, traditional knowledge (TK), landscape, culture and products of the relevant community. BCP empowers communities and giving voice to local/native communities, especially pastorlaists  (In line with rights-based policy). It develop awareness about culture, value and tradition to address challenges (cross breeding, producst/innovations). Also it helps in awareness about the rights of the communities, i.e. grazing, breeding and political rights etc. It is a good tool of information exchange, communication to other stakeholders and linking different communities.

Process of BCP

Community initiates and owns BCP. Then Invites others stakeholders if appropriate, aim for government reconition and follow up if applicable. The shephards, traditional philosophers, elders, healers and other stakeholders are taken on board in this process. The pastoralists BCP is mainly focus on genetic resources for food and agriculture and grazing lands.

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