Bactrian camel near Uppsala, Sweden

This camel farm belong to a couple, Gunila and her husband. This happy couple use Bactrian camel for Eco-toursim and TV programs. They are very much happy and enthusiastic with their came. They live in a very beautiful place with their beautiful camels. The farm team warmly welcomed me and share their information related camel husbandry and challenges. The camel is really helping the keepers to generate income through the camels.

A healthy dark brown Bactrian camel in Uppsala Sweden
In winter times, the camels stay indoor because of the challenging weathering conditions in this part of the Europe. Bactrian camel in Uppsala Sweden.
With the camel team, a Somali cameleer is really helping the native Swedish couple in keeping their camels healthy and fit.

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  1. We reached this farm a bit late. There was dark. So, no good photographs. We discussed all the camel related issues in details. The couple offered good tea to us.

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