Kharan Desert is a Treasure of Precious Livestock Breeds

The Kharani camel is one of the most important and multipurpose livestock of the region. The breed is smaller to medium in size with a promising potential of milk. Kharani camel breed is the most efficient (producing more milk per kg dry matter feed intake) and survives sustainably in a challenging environment. There is high variability within the breed for milk production. In the wet days of the year, when there is succulent vegetation, some specimens of the breed produce up to 38 liters of milk per day.

The world's leading milch camel~The Kharani
Kharani Breed, a Milk Treasure of Kharan Desert

Kharani camel is found in the Chaghai-Kharan desert of Balochistan Pakistan. Known by the name of Kharan Desert, it is a mountainous sandy desert situated in the Southwestern region of Balochistan, Pakistan. The region is the cradle of precious animal genetic resources like the Kharani camel and Morak goat.

Close to Wild, the Morak Goat

Morak Goat of Kharan region

Morak goat is close to wild ancestors, resistant to diseases, and owns a strong power of escape.

Map of Balochistan showing Chagai Kharan Desert

Landscape Degradation and Camel Depletion

Unfortunately, this breed is under severe threat. The main cause of erosion is the depletion of Thagaz (Halloxylon spp) which is the most important feedstuff for camels in the region. Also, there is illegal export (fertile female) to the neighboring countries, where it is slaughtered and consumed as meat. This way the erosion of these unique animal genetic resources is happening for many years. The policymakers of the province should take major steps to conserve this precious animal with the involvement of the camels’ keepers. The best way of support is to conserve the Thagaz forest. To understand the landscape, click on the link at the end of the paragraph. When you will watch this video, you will understand the importance of the Kharani breed, you will know the landscape/habitat and the threats to this precious camel.

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  1. kifayatullah mengal

    sir you are absolutely right kharani breed is best mbilch camel breed and it this breed is near about be counted as endanger specie of camel and it needs to be preserved and you can do a lot because you can speak at international forms for this

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