Day: January 6, 2012

Bybrik or Marriwal

Habitat: Mostly found in Marri and Bugti hills of the province. Also found in the Barkhan and part of Sibi, Loralai and Musakhail districts. The nucleus areas are Duki, Kohlu, Chamalang, Hosrri, Girsani, Lakhi Putth, Khar Chah, Rarra sham and Deddar. Phenotypic characteristics: The breed is medium in size and […]

Musakhaili Sheep Breed

Habitat: Found in Musakhail district of northeastern Balochistan and the main tribe of the breed is Musakhail as indicated by the name. Moreover, the breed is also raised by Marghzani, Zamri and Issot and Jaffar tribes of Musakhail district. Phenotypic characteristics: The breed is larger in size compared to Bybrik […]

Kakari Sheep Breed

Habitat: Kakari sheep is found in all Kakar belt. The main areas of the breed are Zhob, Loralai, Qillasaifulla, part of Pishin and Musakhail districts. The main tribe as indicated by the name is Kakar, also known as Thorghuazi. There are two main types of Kakari sheep, i.e. Thorghuazi and […]

Thorghuazi or Waziri Sheep Breed

Habitat: The original area of the breed is Zhob (Thora khula, Shighala, Chukhen, Kunder.Mandokhail, Sherani, Harifal, Babar, Kakar), Musakhail district (Kudazi, and Essot areas). The breed is mainly found in Waziristan of FATA (federally administrated areas). The tribes of the breed are mainly Ghourghasti clans of Pashtoon i.e. Kakar, MandoKhail, […]

Kajalle Sheep Breed

Habitat: The nucleus of the breed is Wani , Gosa, Babar, Kapip areas of Zhob and Hassankhail area of Musakhail district. Kakar, Khostai, Babar, Sherani, Hassankhail tribes are the custodians of the breed. Phenotypic characteristics: Small in size, white body coat with red head, fine dense wool are the salient […]